The Sequential Evaluation Process

SSA’s Sequential Evaluation Process

Columbia Social Security disability attorney (2)In general, the Social Security Administration (SSA) follows a five-step sequential evaluation process to determine eligibility for the two disability programs operated by the Administration (Supplemental Security Income or Social Security disability).

The five steps include a review of whether or not you are participating in a “substantial gainful activity”; whether you have a severe medically determinable injury; whether your injury “equals” one of the impairments listed in the Social Security regulations; or, when considering your “residual functional capacity,” you are incapable of doing prior relevant work; and whether you can adjust to other work that is available, given your education, age, residual functional capacity, and work experience.

Furthermore, to be found disabled, your disability must last for 12 full months. A knowledgeable Columbia Social Security disability attorney can help you determine the facts and issues of your particular case.

What’s more, there are six ways in which the SSA may find you not to be disabled. Specifically, you will be found not disabled if: you are currently participating in a substantial gainful activity; you have no medically-determinable injury; you have a medically-determinable injury, but it does not considerably hinder you from performing basic work; you have not been disabled for 12 months; you are able to perform prior relevant work; or you are able to do alternative work.

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